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Estimates in the building Trade suggest that inaccurate planning often leads to at least 20% wastage of materials on a building project.

If everyone involved double checked their requirements before purchase and delivery of materials, a lot of this wastage would be eliminated.

Many materials including wood, metal and electrical components should be responsibly re-cycled in accordance with the Government regulations and hazardous materials such as asbestos must be disposed of by approved licensed personnel.

We guarantee to meet all the legal requirements and regulations in place for the treatment and disposal of waste regulated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), in order to ensure the protection of the environment and of human health.

Our Pledge

All the materials we recycle are of benefit to our society and our clients will not incur any extra charges – and in fact by being responsible we can very often save you money on your project costs.

‘Everyone has their part to play in this vision and the plan outlines steps and policies which will be introduced to make sure Scotland benefits from the economic and environmental advantages to be gained from zero waste’ (Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan, June 2010)