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Your don't need to move, just improve



Sometimes changes are necessary within your home to give you better freedom of movement into and around your home, or to provide essential facilities within it.

Works may include:

  • widening doors and installing ramps
  • providing or improving access to rooms and facilities – for example, by providing a downstairs bathroom
  • improving or providing a heating system which is suitable for your needs
  • adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

Grant facilities may be available to help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there.
If you have not been able to secure grant funding you may be eligible for VAT exemption under the HMRC ‘VAT reliefs for disabled people, notice 701/7′.

Download our ‘VAT Exemption Eligibility Declaration Form‘ and MS All Trades may be able to help you make savings on the work you need carried out.

At MS All Trades we understand how important your input is therefore we believe you should be fully involved at every step of the project, meaning all specific customer requirements can be met to their full extent.